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Another blog about photography? Not really

It seems that lately, anyone with a website and a photo gallery needs to have a blog and share techniques, tips, and their own point of view about Photography.
I followed several of these bloggers, read many articles, went through the comments and almost every time I did it, I felt disappointed, annoyed, discouraged (and of course it’s totally OK if you have the same reaction as you read this).

Either they are strictly technical (new camera vs old camera), hence not adding anything new to the plethora of blogs already on the same vibe, or when they try to get more theoretical, they deliver the same trite formula of advice, which is very popular nowadays: 5 techniques to become a better street photographer, 6 lessons I’ve learnt from (add whatever photographer’s name here), how I overcome the fear of shooting in public.1)
Sometimes a tip or two might actually be interesting. Most of the time, though, it’s nothing you can’t figure out by yourself already.

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