Photography as a currency exchange

Considered how photography is being experienced, with a consequent loss of value, it also occurred to me that more than a loss, there’s been a mutation of that value into something different, a substantial change since the system has changed itself.

The main use of social media like Instagram is mostly to grow hordes of followers, therefore the real objective is not photography itself but the numbers of followers. There are a few techniques to help the process, though the main attraction is still the images that people post. read more

The day Social Media killed Photography

I’ve been wondering for quite a while now whether I should keep my Flickr account or not. One of the reasons why I didn’t close it yet, is because going on Flickr and seeing what others were doing made me feel I had work harder in order to improve.

Slowly this feeling vanished, but I still thought it was an opportunity for me to compare my work to what others were doing. I have realized there’s no reason to have a Flickr account for that. I can simply look at those galleries without necessarily having one. Or better, go to an actual gallery and see real printed photos. For what concerns having my work in a social media gallery, there isn’t much reason either, really. What would be the point? Let’s do a quick analysis. read more