I’ve been interested in photography for about 5 years now, although only in the last year I started taking it more seriously. Until then, my idea of photography was somehow related to my background as a designer as I was considering interesting only photos with a graphic feeling. Over the time my interpretation of photography has changed. Now I feel captivated by the presence of people in the urban environment and thus I need to wander around the city.
What photography brought back to me, is the interest for the nature of things; from photography itself to the subject I’m interested in and from this to how our world is changing.

Images are powerful, but more than ever, they’ve become ephemeral. On the other hand, the experience of taking photographs sticks to me and despite photography is going through a cultural change and may not last, or at least not in its original form, the outcome of the experience I do as a photographer will be part of myself for the years to come. After all, the essence of a photograph is the experience I do by taking it; a photograph by its very nature is an illusion which is what it makes so contemporary.

Los Angeles, November 2016