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Photography as a currency exchange

Considered how photography is being experienced, with a consequent loss of value, it also occurred to me that more than a loss, there’s been a mutation of that value into something different, a substantial change since the system has changed itself.

The main use of social media like Instagram are mostly to grow hordes of followers, therefore the real objective is not photography itself but the numbers of followers. There are a few techniques to help the process, though the main attraction is still the images that people post.

The day Social Media killed Photography

I’ve been wondering for quite a while now whether I should keep my Flickr account or not. One of the reasons why I didn’t close it yet, it is because going on Flickr, and seeing what others were doing, made me feel I had to push and work harder in order to improve.

Slowly this feeling vanished, and yet I thought after all it is a place where to compare with others’ works and also an opportunity to have my work out there.
Now, as far as the compare thing goes, there’s no reason to have a Flickr account. I can simply look at Flickr’s galleries without necessarily having one. Or better, go to an actual gallery and see real printed photos. For what concerns having my work on a social media gallery, there isn’t much reason either really. What would be the point? Let’s do a quick analysis.

Streets of Los Angeles and a side note on picture perfection

This is a challenging city for who wants to take photos in an urban environment, or maybe not, depending on what the photographer is looking for. Still, it’s kind of a unique place. One may find similarities between, say, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and so forth, but not with LA.

Distances are really something here. You can see a lot of cars, but not a lot of pedestrians. And even the streets, which you would expect filled by cars, suddenly might look empty.

LA West Pico, an usual busy road
LA West Pico in broad daylight, commonly a busy road.

Alright, that’s a street of no particular interest.

Another blog about photography? Not really

It seems that lately, anyone with a website and a photo gallery needs to have a blog and share techniques, tips, and their own point of view about Photography.
I followed several of these bloggers, read many articles, went through the comments and almost every time I did it, I felt disappointed, annoyed, discouraged (and of course it’s totally OK if you have the same reaction as you read this).

Either they are strictly technical (new camera vs old camera), hence not adding anything new to the plethora of blogs already on the same vibe, or when they try to get more theoretical, they deliver the same trite formula of advice, which is very popular nowadays: 5 techniques to become a better street photographer, 6 lessons I’ve learnt from (add whatever photographer’s name here), how I overcome the fear of shooting in public.1)
Sometimes a tip or two might actually be interesting. Most of the time, though, it’s nothing you can’t figure out by yourself already.

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